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Handicap Table for 2017/18 Season

The handicap table is sorted alphabetically by Club and then by surname within each club.  Team Captains are asked to examine this list carefully and email David Pinder ( with the name and EBU number of any potential team members not listed.  Teams Captains are asked to note in particular the provisions at Paragraphs 4.1 and 4.2 of the Competition Rules relating to the allocation of handicaps to those without a published NGS Grade - particularly where players choose to keep their NGS Grade private.  

Normally, matches of 24 boards will be played and the handicap used will be the one in the column headed ‘24 Bds’.  The handicap of the team will be the sum of the handicaps of the four players selected for that match. The team with the higher handicap subtracts the handicap of the other team from their own handicap to determine the number of IMPs which they add to their actual IMP score at the end of the match.  Note that the award of an additional 10 IMP ‘premium’ to the team with the larger team handicap, as applied under the previous rules of the competition, is no longer in place.  Should a shorter match be played in accordance with Rule 5.5, then the appropriate handicap for 21 or 18 boards should be used.  The handicaps headed ‘6 Bds’ are for use in tie-breaker situations, as covered by Rule 6.2.

Any concerns or queries relating to handicaps should be addressed to




Handicap in IMPs for Matches of

24 Bds

6 Bds

21 Bds

18 Bds